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Solvent Waste Management

Papercor Maratek

In keeping with shareholder and management environmental values Papercor Maratek, sister company to Papercor Holdings, focuses on the recycling of chemical solvents used in the printing industry.

Current legislation is clear as to procedures that need to be adhered to regarding the disposal as well as treatment of used solvents and chemicals. Papercor Maratek has partnered with Maratek Environmental Inc, a Canadian-based company, that has over 10 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of equipment used for the recycling of blanket wash solvents. The technology complies with North American and Canadian environmental requirements.

The process – which is FOGRA-compliant – restores the final product, marasolve, to its original form. Systems and procedures are in place that are compliant with regulation.


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