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Elevate Your Packaging with Papercor’s High-Quality, Sustainable Boards

Businesses today face the challenge of finding packaging materials that are not only high-quality but also versatile and environmentally sustainable.

Inferior packaging can lead to damaged goods, dissatisfied customers, and a negative brand image. Moreover, the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions puts pressure on companies to adopt sustainable practices.

Papercor offers an assortment of high-quality packaging boards, including Corpak Allyking, Valkote, and Valkraft. These boards provide exceptional durability, printability, and sustainability, making them ideal for various applications and purposes.

Corpak Packaging Board

Corpak Allyking is designed for maximum protection and durability. This board is perfect for heavy-duty packaging needs, ensuring that products remain secure during transportation and storage. Its robust structure makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial to consumer goods packaging.

Valkote Greyback Packaging Board

Valkote (white-lined grey back) combines strength with superior print quality. This board is ideal for packaging that requires a high-quality finish, such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The grey back provides an excellent base for printing, ensuring vibrant and precise colors.

Valkraft Kraftback Packaging Board

Valkraft (white-lined kraft back) offers a balance of strength and eco-friendliness. This board is perfect for businesses looking to maintain a sustainable approach without compromising on packaging quality. Its kraft back adds a natural, rustic look, making it ideal for organic and eco-conscious brands.