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Carbonless Paper - How It Works

Carbonless papers are bond papers which have been chemically coated to react when pressure is applied (from a pen, output printer, typewriter etc.l. One coating, CB (coated back consists of microcapsules containing colour forming dyes. Under pressure, these capsules rupture, releasing the dyes which are then absorbed by the second sheet, CFB (coated front and backl. This pressure causes the following sheets to react in the same way until the last sheet CF (coated front) is reached.

Carbonless papers are used for books or pads where multiple copies are required, e.g. invoice books, order books, application forms etc.

How it Works


Pressure on the CB top sheet releases the colour formers which react with the clay front coating on the CF bottom sheet.

Intermediate CBF (Coated Front and Back) sheets lie between the CB and CF sheets . In the=is way, an identical image is instantly transferred to every sheet in a multi-part set.