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The 360˚ in our name and logo represents and emphasizes Papercors’ 360˚ approach to various aspects key to the paper and print industry and it includes our commitment to supply environmentally credible paper and ensuring sustainability into
the future.
The 360˚ approach encompasses our approach of ensuring our staff is trained and empowered to grow within Papercor. Furthermore our 360˚ approach and commitment to our customers with our complete product offerings and absolute best service and commitment to their daily needs.

Fast. Effective and very responsive


We supply high-quality paper products that are sustainably and environmentally responsibly produced. Papercor is a reliable South African-owned paper merchant that supplies consistently high-quality Hi-Q Titan and Sappi GalerieArt paper.


Papercor supplies a variety of high-quality packaging boards suitable for a variety of functions and purposes. Our packaging products range from Valkote, Valkraft, White lined grey back boards, firefly Chip board, and Corpak FBB boards.


Papercor stocks a variety of consumable goods that are required and used on a daily basis by the paper and printing industries. These products are essentially used in the packaging of printed products, e.g. Stock boxes, Kraft wrapping papers, gum tape and many more associated products as per the product and price lists.


Papercor also supplies Fines, Texts, and covers for all your embossing, foiling or any speciality printing requirements.


With four sheeting and four slitting units, Papercor converts reels and sheets for the paper and printing industries. Our converting facility is operational six days a week. Papercor provides the services of a converting plant that is able to sheet from reels, slit and rewind from reels and also provide a guillotine cutting service.


Papercor is committed to integrating responsible environment management through our range of products and business activities so our sister company, Papercor Maratek, recycles chemical solvents used in the printing industry.

Featured Products

Hi-Q Hansol Titan eco Coated Paper

Hi-Q Hansol Titan eco Coated Paper is manufactured by the evergreen Environmentally Certified Hansol Mill. It is a highly engineered Double Coated  Woodfree art paper. Hi-Q is sold exclusively by Papercor in South Africa.

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