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Fast. Effective and very responsive


Papercor was founded in 1988

About Us

Papercor Holdings is an independently owned paper merchant as well as a converter of board and paper that offers a complete range of merchant products and services to the South African printing industry.

The company offers competitively priced products with a ‘just-in-time’ delivery service to a dynamic and demanding printing industry. Our family type work ethic creates a caring business environment with a strong team committed to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Papercor was founded by Mr Geoff Saks in 1988 and, in April 2013, was acquired by a consortium of businessmen, two of whom have not only a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in the industry but share a friendship. The third member is a new entrant to the industry and together they make up Papercor Holdings (Pty) Ltd. In 2017, Vital Solutions PTE acquired a majority shareholding in Papercor Holdings. Vital Solutions, based in Singapore, is an international trader of paper and paper products with a global footprint in South East Asia, Australia, USA, Europe, Africa and South America.

Papercor Holdings and Vital Solutions have had a strong working relationship for a number of years and through this the management of both companies agreed that a closer partnership would not only strengthen Vital’s position in South Africa but also offer Papercor access to a wider network of international suppliers to ready it for an ever changing market.

Papercor, and the staff that support the company, is synonymous with service and quality.

What sets us apart

The ability, through our in house converting division, to offer value add products to both smaller and larger printers with a just in time delivery allows us the flexibility in meeting the demands of the printing industry. Our flagship SA branded product range, GalerieArt Gloss, Silk and Natural, is a leader in the sector and offers premium quality, environmentally accredited and is cost effective for all printed communications and collateral.

Insist on specifying your choice.

We also offer Hi-Q Titan Eco coated gloss and matt as another highly environmentally credible option in the coated art sector, and is a more competitive option.

Our Presence

We have three branches: one in Johannesburg, a second in Cape Town and a third in Durban. All our branches are fully staffed with internal and external sales teams and boast fully stocked warehousing facilities, as well as the logistic capabilities and fleets to underpin our ‘just-in-time’ service promise.

Cash Sales Store

We offer an over-the-counter cash sales service where we have readily pre-packed cut stock or flat sheets. Customers are encouraged to pre-order specific sizes before collection from the over the counter service. We accept payment in cash, by EFT and credit card and by pre-cleared cheques

Our Team

Juanita Cumberlege

Juanita Cumberlege

National Sales Manager

Raymond Blake

Raymond Blake

Managing Director

Karen Sherriff

Karen Sherriff

Head of Finance

Camilla Koplis

Camilla Koplis

National Buyer

Benjamin Nkosi

Benjamin Nkosi

Warehouse Manager

Marjorie Rossouw

Marjorie Rossouw

Head of Marketing


Raymond Blake – Managing Director
Juanita Cumberlege – National Sales Manager

Karen Sherriff – Head of Finance
Camilla Koplis – National Buyer
Benjamin Nkosi – Warehouse Manager
Marjorie Rossouw – Head of Marketing

Papercor Specialities

Premium Quality Grades
First Rate Deliveries
Caliber Converting
Sustainably Sourced Products