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Corpak Poplus

Fully Coated Folding Box Board (GCI) for Premium Packaging and Graphics

In the competitive world of packaging and graphic design, selecting the right material is crucial for ensuring product quality and visual appeal. Fully coated folding box board (GCI) with a coated white back stands out as an optimal choice, particularly for high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, as well as book covers and other graphic applications. This board’s unique combination of durability, printability, and aesthetic appeal makes it indispensable for brands aiming to make a lasting impression.

Smooth, white coated one side; second side lick coating
Sheets; reels
Print process
Litho; Digital
Basis weights
220 gsm – 365 micron
255 gsm – 406 micron
275 gsm – 457 micron
305 gsm – 508 micron
330 gsm – 559 micron
End-use applications
Packaging, high-quality cosmetics packaging; Food & Beverages, Cards
Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Liquor, Digital & Garments
Product type
Coated Board
Production origin
Europe: supplied by Papercor